Frequently asked Questions:

Q:  What makes TBS Ranch & Estate different from other venues?

A:  There are several details that make our venue special. 

We provide the tables and chairs for up to 200 people, so there is no need to rent these items. 

We do all of the disassembly and clean up for your event.  That way, there is no need to ask family members to clean after your celebration.

Although we are an outdoor venue, you have the ability to have your wedding rain or shine without having to worry about renting a tent.

You have the freedom to choose your own caterers, florists, photographers and DJ’s, without having to pay a referral fee.

 Q:  Are there any specific rules I need to follow?

A: Yes, they are provided at contract signing.  At TBS Ranch we take great pride in preserving our beautiful, privately-owned

property. . The rules we have in place are not intended to limit the vision of your event, but to ensure that others may continue to

respect and enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Q:  What is your capacity?

A:  200 maximum including bridal party and children

 Q:  What hours do I have access to the facility?

A: Saturday Events: 2 hour rehearsal window including basic set-up in the week prior

Sunday and Friday Events: 1 hour rehearsal window.  Some minor set up can take place during this time frame for the Saturday event.  

Saturday Events: Gates open at 9am on the day of; event concludes by 10 pm and entirety vacate by midnight.  Please keep in mind that we do all of the cleanup.

Monday- Thursday Events: Gates open at 9AM the day of; event concludes by 9 pm and entirety vacate by 11:00 pm. Please keep in mind that we do all the cleanup. 

Monday- Thursday Events: Off site rehearsal.  

 Q:  Do I have to use a preferred caterer?

A:  No.  However, we provide a list of caterers for your convenience if you so choose.  The caterers on our list have been to the Ranch for a previous event, and have provided good customer service.  

 Q:  Why do we have to use one of the professional bartending services from TBS Ranch's list, when my friend is also a professional and can serve?

A:  This can be a deal breaker for some brides in booking with us and we completely understand. Unfortunately, we are very strict with this requirement at TBS Ranch. We are very comfortable with the 2 bartending services we refer; both have been serving at the Ranch for several years and know all of our rules.  They have all of the proper credentials and insurance required by the California Alcohol and Beverage Control.  Other venues that allow you to serve your own alcohol may not warn you of the liabilities of doing so.

 Q:  Do I have to rent a tent for shade?

A:  No. Our outdoor ceremony area is almost completely shaded in mid to late afternoon with trees.  The reception barn is completely covered and is equipped with swamp coolers, but they are small and cannot keep up with some of the scorching hot summer days of Redding.  Summer events can make their guests more comfortable with optional large cooler rentals from an outside source. 

 Q:  Do you have a kitchen?

A:  Yes.  Our kitchen is equipped with a commercial sink, microwave and refrigerators.  There is plenty of work area counterspace. We do not have ovens.


Q:  Can I bring in my own food?

A:  Yes.  Some events choose to cook or BBQ their food off site and bring it in.  There are plenty of outlets in the kitchen area for warming trays, etc….


Q:  Do you have a place for the bride to get ready?

A:  Yes, there is a bridal suite with a full bathroom, small refrigerator, several stations for make-up, and a full length mirror. The suite is equipped with air conditioning as well.


Q:  Will you hold my date?

A:  We will hold your date upon receiving the security deposit and signed contract.


Q:  Do you have any hidden charges or fees?

A:  No.  We simply charge the event fee, plus a $500.00 REFUNDABLE damage deposit. There are miscellaneous rental items available for convenience, but they are not mandatory.


Q:  Do you have an icemaker?

A:  No. However, we do provide 2 water troughs that can hold 10, 20lb bags of ice for iced beverages.


Q:  Do I have to rent port-a-potties?

A:  No, we have large permanent on-site restrooms with air conditioning.


Q: Do you have ample parking space?

A: Yes, we have a large parking area with 1 to 2 attendants on duty 1 hour prior to your event to greet and assist your guests with parking.